timeless waves
Zilvinas Stasiulevicius

Timeless Waves

Groen Lint Gullegem


Timeless Waves playfully restores the relationship between man, landscape, past and present. Blowing in the wind, the meadows and flax fields of Flanders resemble oceans churning and roaring with timeless swells. Five large stainless metal swings are placed next to each other in the landscape. The canvases in which visitors can swing, are made of weatherproof textile, as a waving tribute to the region’s golden age of linen and to the sails of the many merchant vessels that used to sail the river Lys. The rocking of the barges and the flowing of the river contributed to the idea of the swings. The swings themselves bring back joyful childhood memories. The surrealistic image of Timeless Waves transforms the landscape into a dynamic place with as little intervention as possible. It should be considered more as a creation of theatrical atmosphere and collective activity rather than a mere design object. The swings will tempt you, timelessly rocking on waves of land and water, history and nature. 


GPS coordinates artwork: 50°50'41.2"N 3°12'57.6"E

The Heulebeek is a creek that remained hidden for a long time behind high green ribbons. Now, however, with its flood zones, banks and meanders it is the backbone of Groen Lint landscape park. This stretched-out 11-acre green area follows the winding waterway over a length of 600 metres, making the park inextricably bound up with the creek’s ecosystem. Bridges, decks, a wadi, pool and islet bring out the best of this prime piece of watery nature. In an urban context, the park constitutes an important link, boasting a perfectly safe bicycle and walking path along the creek to the city of Kortrijk, and offering many opportunities for playing and meeting. The image of Timeless Waves reinforces human contact with this blue-green oasis. 


Zilvinas Stasiulevicius was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1991. Having grown up next to the interwar period architectural buildings and near the Nemunas river, his love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout his life, Stasiulevicius has been fascinated by art, drawing, forms of nature, images and how the world is perceived through the eyes of others. In his designs, he aims for a collaboration between the artist and the particular site, seeing the many opportunities in the artistic exchange between the land and the architect. Dreams don’t work unless you do, is his adage. He is currently working as an architect with NG Architects in Vilnius, specialising in exclusive-quality modern residential design. His many award-winning proposals have been exhibited in Tokyo, Brussels, Tallinn, London etc.