Contrei Live: The Game

Leiedal insists on involving young people in its work because they are the future of our region. Because education and innovation are core values, Leiedal contacted Rik Leenknegt, coordinator of Howest's Digital Arts & Entertainment programme. DAE is internationally acclaimed as the best Game Design and Development programme in the world. Five final-year students set to work on the regional vision and the arts course during a group project. Lecturers of the course and project staff from Leiedal provided the necessary guidance. Robin De Moor, Jonas Schrooten, Jens Vandenbossche, Edward Vanderghote and Matthias Willemen brilliantly succeeded in translating a complex piece of information into a challenging puzzle game that you can play both online and on your smartphone. 


Play the game here (best via Chrome web browser) or download it from the App Store or the Play Store.