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Shared bikes and bike rental


The best way to visit Contrei Live is by bike. To encourage people to do so, bicycles from Donkey Republic are available free of charge as part of the Interreg SHARE-North project. Bikes may be rented for free for a whole day through our website and an application on your mobile phone. You can take or leave your bike at one of the many drop offs provided in each town or city. 


Note: Donkey Republic only lets you unlock one bike per smartphone at the same time.



How it works:

  1. Go to

  2. Register using your email address

  3. Wait for the email with your personal code 

  4. Now go to Donkey Republic's application. Here you can borrow a bike for 12 hours with your personal code upon creating an account. Select your bike in the app and confirm entering your discount code. Ready, steady, start cycling. 

Use the form below to rent your free bike.